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Business partners and scuba diving buddies Cody Slade and Jake Haglund wanted to create a company where people enjoy going to work. Where people stay to build a career. And a place where employees are treated like family.

​​Getting their start with a global leading Fortune 500 paint company, Cody and Jake saw that the paint industry needed a refresh. The vision they laid out for their company stated the need to embrace technology, to truly be experts in their field, to explore novel approaches to old problems, and to make communication the foundational principle in everything they do.

​That’s pretty much how it started. Do things smarter, avoid the mistakes of others, and emphasize communication within the company and with everyone we partner with.

​With our background in paint this is the logical next step. It has been fun to see our ideas in practice and to hear new ideas and solutions from our employees. We are constantly evolving our processes and will never accept the status quo.

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Meet the Team

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Cody Slade

Co-Founder & Director of Salt Lake City, UT Office
Cody runs the show in Salt Lake City. He thinks way outside of the box and is very proud of his many ‘bad ideas’ that have pushed the envelope and moved our company forward.
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Jake Haglund

Co-Founder & Director of Tucson, AZ Office
Jake built his team in Tucson, AZ using the same proven methods from SLC. Namely to hire friends that are also paint experts, creative thinkers, and hard workers.
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Tom Ficklin

Tucson Operations Manager
Tom brings nearly 3 decades of paint knowledge to the field. With efficient communication and an in depth understanding of paint systems, Tom keeps projects on schedule and eliminates call backs.
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Mason Ford

Assistant PM & Estimator
One of the original employees from Cody and Jake’s other venture, Estimating Crew, Mason is an estimator extraordinaire. He also works closely with Rex and Cody to manage the large number of projects in Salt Lake City.
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Jill Mathews

Office Manager & Estimator
Jill is another OG employee from Estimating Crew and continues in that role as an estimator. She also manages things behind the scenes in Tucson keeping our projects running.
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Field Manager
Bill runs the field in Utah and makes sure that everyone is where they need to be when he needs them to be there. His knowledge comes from decades of industry experience spanning from New Jersey to Utah.
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Mauricio Flores

Assistant to the Field Manager
Mauricio has broadened his skill set from painter to project lead to his current role assisting Bill in running the field in Salt Lake City.